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Client Testimonials
We are committed to providing the best customer service in our industry. What that means to us is that we need to exceed our clients' expectations. What that means to our clients is that they should expect prompt replies, same day service, easy access to their lawyer and top quality representation throughout their transaction.

Simply put, what makes us special is that we provide superior service. When you combine our service with our reasonable flat fee you get a winning combination that cannot be beat.

We believe that our former clients are the best judges of the quality and value of our services. The client testimonials found below are all unedited. We are delighted with the feedback from our existing clientele and hope that the information our clients provide will assist you in your search for an attorney.
  We were completely satisfied with Jason's representation and work on our FSBO sale. He was always very accessible, returned calls promptly, and he made sure we were informed of developments at all times. His personal (and personable) approach resulted in a worry-free sale, and we're planning on recommending him to family and friends. Thanks, Jason!  Suzanne F. & John G. - FSBO Sellers.

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My husband and I enjoyed working with Jason Greller from the first meeting on. His honesty, directness and integrity was carried through during the entire time we worked with him. Over the course of the approximately 2 months he assisted us with writing multiple offers, paying attention to the details of the purchase of our home, and carrying through at our closing. His service provides a good value.  Lois B. & Robert A.  FSBO Buyers.

Deciding to sell our home ourselves was a scary plan I admit, but from the moment I contacted Jason Greller, I knew I wouldn't be alone. The office was always available to provide me with guidance and the legal direction I needed. Jason Greller did not just hold my hand, but empowered me. In the end I saved a lot of money and that was the original plan. Jesilyn B  FSBO Seller.

Jason provided fantastic service. He was available as needed, personable, provided straightforward, polite counsel. He pointed out important details and made the process easier. Because of his service, we have recommended him to our friends, family and acquaintances. His service is a great value! Teresa B. & Roger A.  FSBO Sellers

Thank you for helping us with our recent real estate transactions. We really appreciated your strategic advice, guidance with forms and to-do reminders. You made the purchase and sale of our homes enjoyable and easy. In the past, it's been intimidating and expensive working with a realtor. This is the first time we've worked with a real estate lawyer. Not only did we save a lot on realtor's commissions, but for the first time we felt like we understood the process and were in control. In hindsight, not only was it way more expensive to use a realtor, but it also compromised our best interests. Thank you again for all your help. Your services were a real bargain. For once we actually felt like we got more than we paid for.  Jeffrey & Gwenn A.  FSBO Buyers and Sellers.

Finding Jason Greller to assist us in the sale of our home in the Village of Shorewood Hills allowed us to proceed with a FSBO. We knew how to market, advertise and show the home but were at a loss regarding the process and documentation. Jason was with us all the way; walking us through the process, reviewing offers, writing counters, advising and closing the deal. This is a great service (very competent) and a great value. Thanks Jason!  Dennis L.  FSBO Seller.

As a first time home buyer I had many questions and concerns regarding the whole process. A friend recommended attorney Jason Greller to help me purchase my first house. From the beginning, Jason calmly and carefully answered my questions, ensuring I understood all details. Jason also helped me weigh the pros and cons of the various options that are involved in the Offer to Purchase which enabled me to make the best decision possible. Jason also has a good understanding of the behind the scenes psychology that is involved in home buying. He gave me several tips that helped me negotiate a better deal. With Jason's experience and knowledge, I was able to successfully navigate the entire house hunting and offer to purchase with only Jason's assistance. Several friends were purchasing/selling homes at the same time I was looking. After exchanging stories I realized that none of them received the same level of customer service/customer satisfaction that I did by working with Jason. He would promptly answer my calls and emails, as well as periodically check-in with me. Jason has a strong understanding of real estate law and I never doubted his guidance. He helped me make what could have been a grueling process, a relatively stress free and enjoyable undertaking. Without hesitation, I will use Jason Greller for all future real estate transactions.  Jennifer L.  FSBO Buyer.

Thank you for helping me sell my condo. I received 10 times more assistance from you than the buyers did from their realtor. I highly recommend you to anyone desiring to do a FSBO real estate transaction. FSBO is easy with the right attorney! Barbara S.  FSBO Seller.

We moved to Madison from a city where FSBO home sales are rare, so we were pretty nervous about the process. Choosing to work with Jason Greller turned out to be a great decision for us. He outlined and explained the process from offer to closing at the beginning, and was a tremendous support throughout, prompt and professional in all our interactions. We'd recommend Mr. Greller enthusiastically to anyone.  Jason & Lindsey J.  FSBO Buyers.

Jason Greller worked tirelessly for my wife and I. He guided us through some very unusual and difficult negotiations and, I'm sure, ultimately saved us thousands of dollars. Unlike a realtor he will always look out for your best interests. I would recommend him highly for anyone looking to buy or sell a home.  Jeremy J.  FSBO Seller and Buyer.

We recently completed our third real estate transaction with KnollGreller. They are very friendly, professional and incredibly helpful in navigating the maze of paperwork involved in real estate. We got superior, unbiased advice and assistance and saved thousands of dollars in agent's fees.  Jennifer D.  FSBO Buyer and Seller.

Your service was worth every penny in our FSBO transaction. Answering questions, filling out forms, you definitely removed all our fears about doing FSBO. In fact, I'm trying to figure out why anybody would use a realtor.  Greg F. & Alicia F.  FSBO Sellers.

Jason was great, he made us really comfortable. No question was unanswered, took all the time needed. Will recommend to others. Allison & Steven B.  FSBO Sellers.

I had complete peace of mind during the process of selling my first house by myself because I had Jason Greller as my attorney helping me with the real estate transaction. Jason met with me before I listed my house to outline the whole process and answered the many questions I had. At that time he also helped me prepare and review the necessary paperwork (house listing and fliers, real estate condition report, lead based paint disclosure form, sample offer to purchase forms, etc.) and helped me obtain power of attorney for my out of state co-owners. After the offer to purchase came in from the buyers, Jason was very prompt to discuss the details with me, draw up a counter offer and handle the required title insurance. Before the closing, he discussed the settlement paperwork with me to make sure everything was in order and was present with me at the closing to ensure I knew what I was signing. Overall I was very impressed with how quickly Jason responded to my emails and phone calls and found him to be pleasant to work with. At first I was a little skeptical about what the service level would be like, because the rate I was charged was significantly lower than other rates I had seen advertised or heard about through friends. But the service could not have been better and I liked that with the flat fee I felt at liberty to contact Jason regularly and ask any questions I had. I didn't have to worry that I would be charged for every minute! Samantha O.   FSBO Seller.

It was very refreshing to find an attorney who actually knows the law and practices it well. You can't go wrong with Jason Greller. Jim S.  FSBO Buyer.

Jason Greller was extremely professional, prompt and knowledgeable throughout every step of the buying process. Whether it was via phone or email, Knoll Greller always was available and directly answered every question I had. All the dates and contingencies were explained to me clearly and the closing went smoothly and quickly. Since it was a FSBO purchase I needed to find an attorney who focused on real estate law yet at the same time I didn't want to pay enormous hourly rates. I liked the flat fee concept since you know beforehand what the rate will be and you aren�t afraid of being charged for everything you ask them or fax over to them to review. I would highly recommend Knoll Greller to anyone looking for legal representation when purchasing a home or condo. You'll appreciate the flat fee concept and the professionalism that comes with it. Joe R. FSBO Buyer.

Jason was very informative, understanding & patient. He made sure I understood everything I was uncertain of at every step in the process of selling my house by owner. I would highly recommend Jason to other Home Sellers. Brian G. & Tracy G. � FSBO Sellers.

By working with Jason, we saved thousands of dollars and maintained our sanity throughout the process of listing, negotiations and the closing. The nominal cost for his services are almost unbelievable.� � Rebecca S. & Patrick H. � FSBO Sellers.

It was a pleasure to work with Jason, and a great comfort too. He is knowledgeable and competent, with a fine ability to make complicated issues easily understandable. His sense of humor helped to keep us calm and focused during a stressful time. He kept us on track in accounting for each step in the process of selling our home, and most significantly, he was instrumental in identifying an error in the closing costs, which saved us a great deal of money. We highly recommend Jason's services.� � Kevin K. � FSBO Seller.

Everybody said we were crazy for listing our home FSBO and we were starting to believe them. Jason made us believe we could do it. His knowledge was astounding! He was honest and supportive. His low flat rate reflects his commitment to helping everyone. We didn't have to worry about our bill increasing with each phone call. We were secure in knowing we were getting the best service around. We definitely got more than we paid for!� � Adrianne & Erik G. � FSBO Sellers.

�My wife and I have purchased and sold seven homes in the course of our marriage. Each time the volume of documentation and complexity of the legal transaction has become more onerous. So has paying the 3% seller's agent and 3% buyer's agent real estate fees. To this extent, Jason Greller is a true find. He walked us through the complexity of our last real estate transaction in the same fashion as a real estate agent; however, there was one great advantage. He was not encumbered by the 3% broker's fee and its attendant motive: "quick sale." Our best interests were always Jason Greller's number one priority, which is definitely not the case with many of the real estate agents we have dealt with. If we felt something wasn�t right, he put us at ease, and made sure all the bases were covered. He explained all the language and documentation every step of the way to be sure we understood the protections he was writing into the offer. He always made sure we were comfortable with the process. Best of all he charged a flat fee. Amazing considering the amount of service he provided, especially when considering all the twists and turns a real estate transaction tales on its course to closing. As long as Jason Greller is available to represent us, we no longer feel the need to enter into selling contracts with real estate agents. We will retain his services in the future and will continue to recommend him to friends and relatives.� � Robert H. and Mary M. � FSBO Sellers and FSBO Buyers.

�Jason Greller was great to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable, yet was also able to talk to us and explain things to us on our level as people with little knowledge or experience with buying a home. Jason always looked out for our best interests and treated us like friends.� � Bryan O. & David S. � FSBO Buyers.

�Hiring Jason was one of the best choices we made when we decided to sell our home. We listed our home on a FSBO web site and since we were not knowledgeable about real estate law, we hired Jason Greller. Jason was always willing to offer advice while we were showing our home, but we truly realized his value once we received an offer. He offered advice on how to make a counter-offer and what items, beyond price, to consider. He guided us through some of the unique aspects of selling a condominium and was also willing to act as a mediator when it became necessary during the final negotiations. Most of all, he was always available to talk and put us at ease when there were no worries or concerns. Jason provided us with strong legal advice and gave us a peace of mind that we found invaluable. He was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Douglas and Stacey B.  FSBO Sellers.

Jason did an excellent job for me when I sold my home. He was extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the sale, prompt with answers to my questions and very patient with my endless questions. I will definitely use his services again. Vickie G. FSBO Seller.

Thank you so very much for taking care of the real estate transaction for the sale of my home. After meeting with you, I felt I was in good hands. Selling a house is stressful enough. I knew I didn't have to worry about the paperwork part of the deal. When I had questions, you put me at ease with your thoughtful replies. Start to finish, I was very pleased with all of your work. It was a bonus for me that your very affordable fee covered everything. I have recommended your law firm to others. Thank you!  Kim G.  FSBO Seller.

I recommend the services of Jason Greller for any of your real estate needs. He did all the work needed and actually saved me enough money in the transaction to pay for his fee.  Mike N.  FSBO Seller.

As a first time home buyer Jason was willing to take the time to sit down and go through each part of the process and answer any question I had. No question was off limits or "too stupid." He definitely had my best interest in mind while drafting any documents, making sure to add several outs to the contract in case anything went wrong. Jason really knows his real estate and using his services saved me several thousand dollars in realtor fees!  Lucas S.  FSBO Buyer.

I was quite pleased with the very high level of service and attention Jason provided us as we navigated through the process of buying our first home. He was always available to explain what the various documents meant, how the procedures worked, and what the ramifications of our decisions were at every point of the negotiations and at closing. He offered cogent and sound advice on what to consider during negotiations and how to use the various options available in property tax regulations to our benefit. Overall, he provided peace of mind; secure in the knowledge that he was looking out for our interests from the legal point of view, left us free to focus on the more enjoyable less stressful aspects of home-buying. That peace of mind alone was worth many times his fee. Scott & Pilar P.  Buyers.


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